Ian Bone

Oh what fun it is to see –  the situationists flogging their back catalogue to Tate Britain. From viewing the Tate’s magazine you can see wannabee situationist/angry brigader HARI KUNZRU enthusing over Tate Britain’s acquisitionof the Wise Brothers KING MOB archive…..www.tate.org.uk/tateetc/issue13/kingmob

Front cover of a King Mob anti-culture publication

Front cover of a King Mob anti-culture publication
Courtesy Tate Archive © Tate. Photo: Rod Tidnam

The gap here should be taken up with a King Mob cover picture – but its now Tate copywrite!

Now I’ve never met either Dave or Stuart Wise and they’ve always been a bit too clever by half sniffy about Class War but what the fuck – they’ve produced some of the most exciting and radical projects and writing from the 60s onwards – and still do at their website www.revoltagainstplenty.com with the top meditation on pub closures’Last Orders for the local’. The there was KING MOB ECHO/UP AGAINST THE WALL MOTHERFUCKER/SUMMER OF A 1,00 JULYS/ONCE UPON…

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