Sacred Cow

The Missionary Position ~

This book details another side of the Catholic Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta.  Anyone with that long a title must surely be most beneficial to the existence of mankind.  Right?
Missionary positionFrom an interview with Mother Theresa:
Q:  ”So you wouldn’t agree with people who say there are too many children in India?”
A:  ”I do not agree because God always provides.  He provides for the flowers and the birds, for everything in the world that he has created.   And those little children are his life.  There can never be enough.”
Perhaps there is another opinion:
God obviously does not provide for every animal and plant.  Nor every person.  Species go extinct.  Animals starve to death from competition in the wild.  Plants whither and die in drought.  People suffer and starve.  This woman dedicated her life to helping the poor.  Her help included spreading religion and an anti-birth control message.  She may have fed the poor but also helped to create more poverty.
Our society has brought us unprecedented wealth through our growth in technology.  It has also wrought great poverty in underdeveloped societies.  Charity is a temporary fix to a growing problem.  It is the basic human rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that should be granted to all people.  Instead, billions of people are unable to pursue these goals because they don’t have their basic needs met.  They don’t have food, shelter, drinking water, medicine, or sanitation.  I therefore urge you to give whatever you can in charity, but I also urge you more importantly to promote the development of mankind worldwide so that people can have not just the opportunity to survive, but to thrive.

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